Tourist Bus Ticket

- The tourist bus ticket can be purchased by non resident visitators.
- The tourist bus ticket is valid from the 1st of june until the 30th of september.
- Tickets permit access to all ARST sevices without any run limit expet touristic services of Il Trenino verde della Sardegna.
- It's available in four differente types with various duration and validity from the date of purchase at the following prices.

type A - duration 7gg price 45,00 euro

type B - duration 14gg price 70,,00 euro

type C - duration 21gg price 100,00 euro

type D - duration 28gg price 130,00 euro

- Ticket must be stamped in the vehicle in the day of release.
- Ticket can be purchased in any ARST ticket office (Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano, Nuoro, Olbia, Lanusei, Guspini, Iglesias).